Between Our Words

by Laura Joy

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released March 3, 2015

Produced and Mixed by Will Phalen
Engineered by Gregoire Yeche at CarterCo Recording in Chicago, IL
with additional engineering by Will Phalen at Cold Ghost Studios Chicago
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering

Artwork, layout and design by Misty Ray

Photography by Constance Kostrevski

Laura Joy – Vocals and acoustic guitar
David Gallagher – Electric and acoustic guitar
Jamie Gallagher – Drums and percussion
Will Phalen – Electric and bass guitar, keyboard

All songs written by Laura Joy



all rights reserved


Laura Joy Chicago, Illinois

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Laura Joy has been known to quell dark, angry bars full of ornery old Irishmen with her brand of acoustic pop. Drawing comparisons that range from Joni Mitchell to Alison Krauss, Laura’s percussive finger picking and buoyant voice have graced audiences from as far as the Sun Belt to the streets of Manhattan. ... more


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Track Name: Takes A While
paint me a picture of beauty with grit / sunflowers in car lots / Pulaski moonlit / do the best with what you've got / you think it's not perfect / but it is
back it up back it up back it up / you're way too close / can you see the big picture when you're moving so slow? / and are these actual miles? / step by step it takes a while

photos of babies growing in leaps and bounds / new jobs new lovers lost and found / dreams like little ducklings follow me around / quiet down please

spider spins her web and the wind kicks up / she's left for dead / but all she did was wait / she doesn’t push too hard to create

take a break take a break take a break / take in the view / everything you give comes back to you / and are these actual miles? / step by step it takes a while
Track Name: Courting Disaster
things move a little faster with each day / courting disaster you display your fondness for me carefully / but you really should think twice about how you feel / who you like / and what you dream
I don't flirt purposefully / just not my style / besides I don't think I can do much else than smile /
and I've found this only works for a little while / it only works for those first greetings / theaters are now seating for a show starring me / and my specialties include blushing and stumbling on screen

things move a little faster with each day / courting disaster I display my fondness for you carefully / but I really should think twice about how I feel / who I like / and what I dream

sometimes I stare / ‘cause you can be attractive / but it's far more likely you're just being distractive / you're like rhythms from the floor above / you're the puppy I want to pet but can't love / fun of cuddling will wane making what we have strained / yes, I'm sorry about my accidental innuendoes / I'm surprised you don't complain

just think of how if we start / the many ways it can end / and how right about now we could both use a friend

opposites will attract one way or another / we sway / seek each other's shoulders and just lean /
now that we've thought twice about how we feel / who we like / and what we dream / we can dream / just dream
Track Name: Between Our Words
I wrote a letter with my hopes for something better / before we spoke / I wrote a letter with my hopes / and I made a list of what I’d missed / before I saw your face / before we kissed / I made a list of what I’d missed
take this part of my little heart / you can trace all of the curves / you see how well it can fit in the space / between our words

you took your time but it worked out fine / and I’ll confess I had things to address / you took your time / it worked out fine / and please can it stay this way? / you know I won’t complain / one shot of your smile I’m set for a while / can it stay? I won’t complain

I’ll be right here / I’m no fool / I won’t disappear / no wavering back and forth / after finding my true north
Track Name: Moving On
I’ve got these pillow lines on my face / dreams from last night / too much space / and maybe maybe maybe I’ve got the time / to reflect and forgive and forget and unwind / I feel the ebb and flow of heartache / photographs of you resonate / within me within me within me like a bell / it’ll fade it’ll fade with time they tell me
I’m moving on / I don’t want to yeah / but we don’t belong together / no it’s not that I want to go right now

now we still meet and we still chat / I find every time I’m holding back / some little tiny note of affection / all this time and my heart still needs correction / but I don’t need time travel / yeah ‘cause I can see where things unraveled / and I think what we had oh it was good / that we tried and we did all that we could

my day hauls me out the door / past these places we ate and places I don’t see you no more /
where we listened and we loved so wholly / where we sat and we spoke so slowly
Track Name: Phoenix
racing the golden sunshine / mama moved west in ‘69 / from Chicago it was salvation / nursed all the wildflowers and babies on the reservation

Phoenix your embers are a masterpiece / Phoenix I know rebirth won’t come without some grief

summer boiled and we’d flee / north to the rains and the trees / write our names in muddy ash with our toes / deep in the dirt of those sleepy volcanoes

yeah, it’s time to fly / gotta fly away
mama got sick / she stayed that way for years / got good at praying and we got real good at tears / she said when I’m gone take my ashes north / oh honey I love the sun but my heart is scorched

now look at me living in the place she fled / dreams of the desert in the cold Midwest / Chicago I drove to you with all my heart / we’ve had our share of flames and restarts